Social Media FAQs

What is a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

Just like a Virtual Assistant I am highly skilled, flexible and efficient but I create and research content for social media.

I don’t want to lose my identity on social media – how can you be me?

Practice.  I spent a long time writing copy for different radio presenters with different styles.  I will spend an hour talking to you about your business and what you want your social media accounts to reflect and what you want to achieve with them.  This gives me the chance to learn about your views and values.  Of course everything I write you will review and if there is anything that you don’t feel is right then we can change it.

How much will this cost?

After a free consultation I can assess the level of support you need and create a bespoke retainer package based on the number of hours you require each month.  If you need some short-term support then it may be more cost effective to pay an hourly rate.  I will deliver your work by an agreed deadline, in an agreed format and to an agreed price.  I want you to be happy with my work and to offer you cost effective solutions.

What is the benefit to me and my company?

Put simply – you don’t have to worry.  I’ve noticed that lots of people are enthusiastic when they begin using social media but then complain that they run out of ideas or that it takes up too much time.  I will make sure that there is a bank of content and that it is published regularly.  I can create your accounts and connect them.

So why should I use you?

As a journalist I was trained to write clear, concise and inviting copy and to meet deadlines.  I had a knack for finding a “hook” within a story, usually it is just a detail that turns a story from interesting to compelling.

Will I get regular updates from you?  How do I contact you?

Everyone works differently so how often we schedule regular catch-up meetings is up to you and will form part of our working agreement.  We can either meet in person or by telephone conference or email.

What are your payment terms and methods?

Payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice and can be made via bank transfer or cheque.


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