For Quotes Sake!

All I wanted was a price …

A client requested that I research the prices for some promotional merchandise, so I Googled and began to look at the results.  It didn’t take long to match the type of product on sale with my client’s specification so I clicked on the tab to “Get a quote”.  This is when my frustration began.

Each site wanted my contact details (including my postal address) before they would supply prices.  I clicked away from these sites because I knew what my future would hold: the company would supply me with a quote, possibly a follow up phone call and then the emails would begin. You know the sort of thing “we thought you’d like to know about our latest products”.  I would then have to go through a process to “un-subscribe” and OK none of this is particular arduous but it is irritating.  I am always delighted when someone signs-up for blog updates or my newsletter but I never automatically add anyone’s details to these lists.

This was when my inner Bob Geldof began to surface, I slapped my desk and shouted “just give me the quote NOW”.