Administration FAQs

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A general definition of a Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled professional administrator who provides a business, or individual, with flexible and efficient support but who works off-site.  The key is flexibility – a VA’s work is defined by the client according to their business requirements.  Obviously not everyone works in the same way and not all VAs will have the same specialist knowledge, so it is important you choose the VA with the best skills for your requirements.

How do we work together if we are not in the same place?

Virtual Assistants are still a relatively new business resource and it can be difficult to imagine how the relationship works but it can be a highly effective relationship.  We will discuss the support you need and agree how it is delivered.   The more I understand your business the more value I can add.  I am based in South East England but, depending on where your business is based, it may be possible to work on site if required.

How much will this cost me?

After a free consultation I can assess the level of support you need and create a bespoke retainer package based on the number of hours you require each month.  If you need some short-term support then it may be more cost effective to pay an hourly rate.

I will deliver your work by an agreed deadline, in an agreed format and to an agreed price.  I want you to be happy with my work and to offer you cost effective solutions.

How does this benefit me and my company?

You are probably comfortable with the concept of taking on temporary staff when you need additional help or cover for sickness or holiday but a traditional temp can rarely add value to your business because they move on just as they are starting to understand what you do and how you work.  By getting to know you and your business, I can give you the most valuable business comodity – time.  You can delegate the specific tasks that take you away from fee earning work so:

  • You can focus on what you do best and enjoy the most
  • You have more time to see your existing clients and to meet new clients
  • You can focus on fee paying work rather than administration
  • You will have the time to plan and develop your business
  • You have the potential to improve your work/life balance and remain confident that your administration is still being done
  • You have access to a highly skilled professional when you need their skills
  • You do not have costs for additional office space and hardware
  • You pay only for the time that is worked for you – there are no costs for PAYE, holiday, sickness or training

How do I know that you are charging me for the time you work for me?

As I work for you I record all the time and the tasks being performed and this will be sent to you with your invoice.

Will I get regular updates from you?  How do I contact you?

Everyone works differently so how often we schedule regular catch-up meetings is up to you and will form part of our working agreement.  We can either meet in person or by telephone conference, email or Skype.

How confidential is your service?

My agreement contains a confidentiality clause and I am happy to abide by any standard agreements your company issues.

What are your payment terms and methods?

Payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice and can be made via bank transfer or cheque.

Why should I use you?

I have worked as a senior PA for over twenty years in both the public and private sector.  I am an advanced user of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  My typing speed is around 70wpm with 99% accuracy.  My employers have always valued my skillful minute taking and report writing.

I am happy to provide you with references and testimonials on application.

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