Manners Maketh The Interview

Seeing the TV footage of students getting their ‘A level and GCSE results reminded me that late summer into autumn is the time when workplaces fill with new workers.  Well that is what used to happen but the market for interships and jobs is so competitive, how can these new workers give themselves a winning edge at interview?  They need to distinguish themselves from the competition with something more than their results and they need to make a great impression in the first five seconds.  So how about displaying great manners?
Good manners are not about table cutlery but showing respect to other people and to do that you must interact with them.  In a society where we text rather than talk it is critical to understand how effective communication skills (verbal and written) can make a difference.
So …
·         take notice of the interviewer,
·         listen to what they say and respond to it,
·         don’t give one word answers,
·         look people in the face not at a point above their head
·         SMILE
In fact smiling is the crucial action – when you smile there is a psychological reaction that forces you to feel relaxed and confident.

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